May 29

9to5mac posted some images of a comparison between the black and white versions of the next-generation iPhone back. “The black and white coloring is, of course, a trim, and a large portion of the back – as you can see – is made out of metal. We are unsure at this point what purpose this metal serves (or if it is just a stylistic addition), but the metal is definitely present in all of our photos of the device’s back.” Check out more pictures after the break, showing the next-generation iPhone frame & a black next-generation iPhone front glass. » Photos: Black & White Next Generation Metal iPhone Backs, Mini-dock, Taller Screen & Moved Earphone Jack

May 22


MacRumors and BadGizmo Repair have posted the front panel for the next iPod touch this morning, along with the camera sensor for the next iPhone. According to MacRumors, the front panel for the iPod measures 4.1-inches diagonally, as you can see above.

» New iPhone Parts Found: iPod Touch Front Panel and iPhone 5 Camera

Nov 16

whitemacbookA lot of parts from products will be recycled. But some people just use parts and create something new. PowerBook Medic has a way to recycle iPhone and Mac parts. The company makes earrings from the Apple-buttons.

» PowerBook Medic Sells Earrings Made Of iPhone Home Buttons