Aug 01

When i was surving the web today, I came across a phone called GooApple 3G. This is a iPhone 4 knockoff that runs on Andoid 2.2. It has exactly the same dimensions as the real iPhone 4. And if you ask me, it looks amazing. It looks like they actually used real iPhone 4 parts to get this perfect knockoff. Ofcouce the specs are not the same but they are not bad either. Its runs Android 2.2 OS, iPhone iOS style UI, 3.5 inch multi-touch screen, support 3G(WCDMA), GSM network, front and rear Camera “I am not sure about the camera specs, multiple websites say something different. If somebody knows the real camera specs please leave a comment.”, support auto focus, digital zoom and it includes a Powerful Qualcom processor 1GHz chipset. The best of all is the price, it can be purchased on the official website here (but i cant find the price on the official website) but its also for sale on multiple other websites for under $250 “just Google for GooApple 3G”. Check more pictures and video after the break. » GooApple 3G: Amazing iPhone 4 Knockoff Running Android [Video]

Jul 03

As it’s the holiday season again i would strongly urge you to not buy a iPhone in China. The story goes, the father of a member off the forum of Macrumors is already reporting very well made cheap imitations. His father brought back 3 iPhones from China. Once the member received it he was trying to get them synced with iTunes, but iTunes didn’t recognize the iPhonies. After some testing the user opened a new thread on the forum to ask for some help.

» Very good imitations iPhone sold in China