Feb 10

sygic-gps-iphone3gThe Mobile World Congress is starting soon. To be exact from 16 to 19 february. A newsflash just came in from the company Sygic that they will be present on the Mobile World Congress with SygicMobile for the iPhone 3G. Sygic will present its inovative GPS navigation software for wide range of mobile devices and smartphones including the iPhone 3G.
» SygicMobile for iPhone 3G (real turn-by-turn navigation?)

Jun 10

Reuters is reporting that Dutch navigation device maker TomTom already has a version of its navigation software running on Apple’s iPhone and has plans to sell it to consumers. The announcement came briefly afther Apple’s WWDC2008 keynote.
» TomTom already running on the iPhone 3G ?

Jun 09

First of all and most importantly the 3G iPhone was announced earlier today.
It has thinner edges a full plastic back, flush headphone jack, and the iPhone 2.0 firmware,3G and A-GPS.
It will be available in almost all country’s from 11 july for the increadible price of 199$ For the 8B and 299$ for the 16Gb. The 16Gb will be available in 2 colors. Either the standard black one and the white one. The iPhone 3G supports 3G. and HSDPA , which makes it a 3.5G. One thing that i personally find a little bad is the fact that they didn’t upgrade the camera. It’s still a 2mpix. Oh Apple also forgot to add a second video cam, so video calling won’t be possible anytime soon. (maybe wwdc 2008)?
» WWDC 2008 roundup (3G iPhone)

Jun 01

As it’s still a big question if the next iPhone will have GPS out of the box, iGpsd developed a solution for our current first gen iPhones. They already had a working version based upon the Holux M1000, which you can order from there website for about 100$. The downside on this version is that it’s a bit bulky and doesn’t integrate very well next to the iPhone. Today they released a movie of more slimmed down working version.
» Working GPS module from the iGpsd team