Jun 26

Mobile phones are great for keeping yourself entertained, they allow you to play music and films on the go and there are many services that will stream is straight to your phone without having to download them beforehand.¬†You can also play pokies online, as well as many other games on your phone. To a lot of people this is an important factor when commuting or travelling. » Why The iPhone 5 Is Good For Gaming

Dec 08

Have you ever wondered who would win between the Angry Bird and Doodle Jump character. Wonder no longer. APPSPIRE.me finally answers the life long questions of who would win between app heroes in the infographic “App Hero vs. App Hero” after the break. In the infographic they are judging the apps by four categories: speed, skill, strength, and smarts, including games such as Defen-G, Battleground, Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Gun Bros, Warmen, Zombie Highway, Zombieville USA 2, Jet Pack Joyride, and Rocket Riot. » App Hero vs App Hero [infographic]

Sep 17
Iphone version of mishap

The PC hit Mishap is on its way to iOS Devices, Namco have extended theyre PC hit and brought it to the Ipohne/Ipod touch and The Ipad.

The burton family just bought and moved into theyre new stunning house, little do they know theyre not the only occupents of the house, getting ready to leave they are greeted by a professional parnaormal investigator and exterminitor. » Namco’s “Mishap: An Accidental Haunting”

May 25

GAMEVIL USA, Inc., the LA-based mobile games publisher, today announced that its classic action role-playing game ZENONIA for iPhone and iPod touch is available on the Apple App Store. ZENONIA features anime style characters and graphics which will bring back nostalgic moments from epic role-playing games in the past. The game has numerous quests to follow with an interesting story line, as the hero goes on a journey to figure out his past. For each different skill class, there is a unique set of skills to master along with hundreds of items and weapons to acquire. » GAMEVIL Launches ZENONIA on Apple App Store

May 13

siberianstrikeGameloft released it’s very own comic for Siberian Strike fans.

Gameloft is taking care of everyone. Here’s one for Siberian Strike fans who are pilot, Elliott Freeman flying 1940s fighter jets. With great controls powered by accelerometer and touch.
» Gameloft’s comic for Siberian Strike fans

Mar 28

768700jpgLa Cucaracha – a simple game where u can whack cockroaches back to the wholes .. and again! Cockroaches are very different and surprisingly, roaches doesn’t look ugly, they look funny. » App Review: La Cucaracha

Dec 18

Rolando is in App Store, and its a fun game! Its basically fun With Physics. ngmoco, INC. The makers of Topple, brings you the Game that is simply point- less, but fun to play! You use the iPhone’s Multi Touch interface to navigate. Its multi Leveled. More info on this great game click Read More!! » App Store – Rolando

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