Dec 14

After every iPhone launch, new concept videos hit the web showing what a possible next generation iPhone might look like. Todays concept is made by Federico Ciccarese‘s and shows 3 different videos of a beautiful iPhone Air. Check them out after the break. » iPhone Air: Introductory, Unboxing and TV Ad Concept Videos

Jan 15


The iphone is one of the most popular gadgets for females, but it does not have a female look yet. Maybe this iPhone Pebble concept is a nice idea for a female version of the iPhone? Although i don’t think Apple will create different variations of the iphone, it’s still fun to see all the different concepts iPhone Freakz are creating. » iPhone Pebble Concept

Oct 29

isamu_sanada_iphone_concept_2-150x100If you look at the style of the MacBooks and iMacs over the past couple of years, then you can see they’ve changed significantly. We now have the third iPhone already and next year there will ofcourse be fourth one. Isamu Sanada didn’t want to wait and started creating his own vision of the next iPhone. And what a beauty it is. » New iPhone Concept Design Looks Gorgeous

May 18

Could these be pictures of the new iPhone of 2009? Will this iPhone be presented at the WWDC? Maybe or maybe not. At least these pictures look sweet. Very sweet in my oppinion. And it makes me looking forward to the WWDC keynote from Phil Shiller even more.
» Amazing Concept Art Of New iPhone