Jul 30

As any Apple fan, iPhone or iPad owner fully understands, the app store has grown to an incredible size, and is filled with thousands and thousands of brilliant apps. Naturally, this is a wonderful (and ongoing) development for Apple users – however, at times apps seem to come out so quickly it’s hard to keep track of what’s new, and what’s hot! So here are 10 particularly hot apps during the summer of 2013. » 10 Hot iPhone Apps For Summer 2013

Jul 01

Aaron Ash (@aaronash) gives us a small look into the tweak he is developing called Polyonix. The tweak itself is in its early stages but has a ton of potential. Having talked with Aaron directly, he has many more upcoming implementations. From the picture above, one can notice a few of the features he mentions in his blog post:

  • The edit mode in the bottom right will allow you to re-arrange windows on the screen and even rotate the windows (portrait / landscape)
  • The Close Polyonix button is assumably for closing the overlay with the windows

» Jailbreak Tweak “Polyonix” Allows Multiple iPhone Apps Running On The iPad

Mar 05

Fountain Valley, CA – MEDL Mobile, Inc. (www.medlmobile.com), the leader in custom mobile application development and the company behind dozens of internationally successful apps is using the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to launch The MEDL Alliance – a program by which MEDL will acquire apps directly from developers – but continue to pay out a portion of the profits to the original developer. » MEDL Announces Plans To Purchase Thousands Of Mobile Apps From Developers

Apr 07
App Review: Photo FX

App Review: Photo FX

If you thought Photoshop on your computer was enough for you to edit and enhance your pictures, You really need to think again and have a look to The Tiffen Company’s Photo fx for iPhone. » App Review: Photo FX

Apr 01

iconforwebsiteAfter a long time I have had another reason to stick to my iPhone for a long time stretched. ColorSplash is perfectly designed, easy usability and one of the most stable app on iPhone. » Hands-on: ColorSplash

Mar 28

hotradaricon-350x350jpgHangout with friends and having a good time is what we all want. With iPhone and Hot Radar app from App Store, you can have loads and loads of fun and laugh. » App Review: Hot Radar