Aug 13

The Japanese website kodawarisan, posted the date of the 2011 Media Event from Apple on their website. According to their source the Media Event will take place on September 7th Western Time, which is September 8th in Japan. Last 3 Media Event also took place in September, so it sounds logical that it will be the same for this year. They also are known as a trusted website and in 2009, they did correctly pinpoint the launch date the launch of a new Mac mini. » Apple Will Have Media Event On September 7th, 2011?

Aug 11

Macrumors has posted some pictures of an iPhone 5 mockup, which they believe will be the real deal. Personally i think it feels a little bit like a step back, (old iPhone style shapes). Ofcourse it looks really nice and really thin, it also will get a bigger screen and a bigger home button “which a lot of people need to get used to” and is nice polished. This design is based on iPhone 5 cases that show up in China. Macrumors measured the size of these cases, and gave ciccaresedesign a job to design a mockup from this data. This is what they came up with: » iPhone 5 Mockup That Could Be The Real Deal [Pictures]

Aug 05

A member of the macrumors forum claimed he created a photo of the iPhone 5. Personally i think it looks really fake, and Gizmodo agree with me. They actually showed some proof that it is a fake picture, by creating a similair iPhone in just 10 minutes using Photoshop… it even looks better then the one claimed to be taken in an office of a French operator. » First iPhone 5 Picture: Fake?

Aug 02

The last rumors claimed the iPhone 5 will be launched in “late” September, but the last rumor by allthingsd claims it will be launched in October instead. Earlier Gizmodo reported that the iPhone 5 will be launched at the end or September but according to allthings, a source familiar with Apples plans said “I do not know why AT&Ts calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it is not for an iPhone launch”. “October” the source said, while declining to offer a hard-launch date. Other sources said it will be later in the month, rather than earlier. » Next Gen iPhone Will Be Launched In October, Not September!

Jul 31

9to5mac received some cases that claim to be the case for the next gen iPhone “iPhone 5”. This case is longer and wider then the iPhone 4 case, but is way thinner. It also has a tairdrup design “from thick at the top to thin at the bottom”. This case indicates that the next gen iPhone will get a larger screen size and a thinner build (more like the iPod Touch). Check the pictures after the break and let us know if this is what you are looking for in the next gen iPhone design. » New iPhone 5 Case Indicate A Thinner But Wider & Longer Frame [Pictures]

Jul 30

The Italian design company “ciccaresedesign” designed a mockup of a possible new iPhone design, called the iPhone Air. The iPhone Air is inspired by the Macbook Air that is also getting thinner along its way down. The screen is also bigger then it used to be. What do you guys think, will you buy the new iPhone if it looks like this? After the break are more pictures. » iPhone Air: Will This Be The Next Gen iPhone Design? [Mockup]

Jul 29

A Vietnamese website Tinhte published some photos that show a prototype iPhone 4 that has received slight modifications to make it cheaper, lighter and faster, suggesting it could replace the iPhone 3GS to become Apples new entry-level handset when a fifth-generation iPhone launches. The poster who shared the leak, “cuhiep,” said the pictures come from a “very reliable source.”. » Cheaper iPhone 4 Prototype Photos!

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