Oct 29

isamu_sanada_iphone_concept_2-150x100If you look at the style of the MacBooks and iMacs over the past couple of years, then you can see they’ve changed significantly. We now have the third iPhone already and next year there will ofcourse be fourth one. Isamu Sanada didn’t want to wait and started creating his own vision of the next iPhone. And what a beauty it is. » New iPhone Concept Design Looks Gorgeous

Oct 19


We’ve seen the iPhone. We’ve waited for the iPhone 3G. And we waited for the most successful iPhone so far: iPhone 3GS. But Apple is not sitting still ofcourse. The iPhone 4G is already being tested. And by someone you’d not immediately expect: Verizon. » “iPhone 4G Being Tested” By……Verizon!!!

Feb 13

iphone20091The images you’ll see in the post are gathered from different rumor sites (Macrumos and theipodobserver). The empty shells show us a new model ‘A1241’ number plus a matte finish that looks like it has some metalic shine on it. The iPhone model A1303 is acutally a new model number as the currente 16GB version has model A1241.
» Rumor – New Matte 16GB iPhone 4G (3G) back

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