Oct 31

iPhone 4 Siri
It is done! Siri is now “fully” running on the iPod Touch and iPhone 4. Steven Troughton-Smith already created a port for Siri, but it couldnt connect to the Apple servers. Now Troughton-Smith has followed up with Chpwn to get the server fully working on an iPhone 4 and iPod touch. Check out after the break to see a video comparison of Siri on the iPhone 4 against its newer, faster sibling, the iPhone 4S and a video of Siri working on the iPod Touch. » Siri Hacked To Fully Run On The iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

Oct 29

A lot of people are working on porting Siri to the iPone 4 iPod Touch or iPad, but till now it only is possible to port the GUI of Siri. If you are interested in this, you can folow the how to after the break. “Please note that this is only the GUI ( graphical interface ) of Siri, and there is no actual functionality added to the device. Also please note that there is a possibility that your device will end up in a respiring loop. So do this at your own risk” Check out the Tutorial “including a video” after the break to install the Siri GUI. » Port Siri GUI To iPhone 3GS/4 & iPod Touch 3G/4 [How To]

Oct 25

Lisa Bettany
took the same picture with every iPhones from the original iPhone till the iPhone 4S to see the differences in quality and the difference is huge. For the new iPhone 4S owners it is hard to imagine that the camera ones was extreme blurry. Check out the pictures after the break to see the differences from the original, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. » Side By Side Photos Show iPhone Camera Improvement Over Time

Oct 22

siri-iphone iPad
We told you earlier that the developer Jackoplane is claiming that he has successfully ported much loved and currently iPhone 4S only feature Siri to all iDevices running iOS 5. At the time, we did not had a lot of information but today the dev posted a FAQ, pictures and a video. » Siri Successfully Ported To The iPhone 4 & iPad

Oct 18

battery iphone 4S
iLounge reviewed the iPhone 4S and noticed something important after a battery comparison test. In Apples official specifications, the company claims the iPhone 4S has an improved talk time but worse standby time as compared to the iPhone 4, iLounge tested this. “For tests with 3G Data, Audio Playback, Video Playback, and Video Recording, iLounge found that the iPhone 4S came in under the iPhone 4 battery life times. For Wi-Fi and FaceTime testing they found it to be similiar to the iPhone 4, and on Cellular Calls, they found the iPhone 4S slightly better.” The Graphic above is showing better details. » iPhone 4S Battery Life In Some Cases Worse Than iPhone 4

Oct 15

iPhone 4 Siri
Thanks to the efforts of developer Steven Troughton-Smith and the folks at 9to5 Mac, the iPhone 4 may soon have Siri. It is not yet able to connect to Apples servers because he needs to figure out how to spoof the authentication to apples servers, but at least you can see that all the Siri UI performs smoothly on the older hardware. Check out Siri in action on the iPhone 4 after the break. » Siri Enabled On The iPhone 4

Oct 12

Brian Hogan
Some of us are wondering, what happened with the guys who found an iPhone 4 prototype and sold it to Gizmodo last year? Well CNET posted full details about what happend with them and what kind of punishment they received. “The men, who were accused of selling the device to gadget blog Gizmodo last year, were sentenced to one year of probation, 40 hours of public service, and a requirement that each pay $250 in restitution to Apple, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told CNET. Brian Hogan[right], the man who allegedly found the prototype in a bar, and Sage Wallower, who allegedly helped Hogan shop the device around to technology sites, were charged with misdemeanor theft in early August.» iPhone 4 Prototype Finders Get 1 Year Probation, 40 Hours Community Service & Owe Apple $500

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