Jul 01

Three days ago I showed you a movie about the iPhone 4 which was shot with a .50 Cal Sniper. Well after they shot the iPhone 4 “and the iPad” with a sniper, “weird enough” they couldn’t sync the iDevices with iTunes anymore. So what do you do, go to the Apple store and ask for a refund.

Jun 30

Would you like to purchase a iPhone 4 “which has been sold over 1.7 million times in the first three days”. Well AT&T just started selling the new iPhone since 7am on June 29th and the waiting lines are huge again. Luckily for the people that don’t want to wait in line, AT&T upgraded their website and is now offering online ordering. Did you pick up a iPhone 4 at the AT&T store? » AT&T Started Selling iPhone 4 Devices

Jun 29

Apple iPhone
To create a iPhone 4 “16GB version” you need about $187.51 in raw parts, according to iSuppli. This makes the iPhone 4 Apple’s most expensive phone ever since the original iPhone. The most expensive part of the iPhone 4 is the retina display screen which cost $28.50 per unit, the second most expensive part of the phone is the A4 processor which cost $10.75 per unit. Its still just an estimate but iSuppli has a lot of experience and knows where they are talking about.

Jun 29

Apple announced via a press release that they sold over 1.7 million iPhone 4 devices add the end of Saturday June 26th, that’s just three days after its launch on June 24th. According to Steve Jobs “This is the most successful product launch in Apple’s history….” Steve also said “We apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply.”. » Apple Sold Over 1,7 Million iPhone 4s Within First 3 Days

Jun 28

We just showed you what a blender can do with your iPhone 4, but trust me there are countless ways to destroy your iPhone 4. You can put your iPhone 4 in your microwave for example, or if you think that’s to simple why not shoot on it with a .50 Cal Sniper. Well some guys already did and the result can be seen in the movie above or after the break. » More Ways To Destroy Your iPhone 4!

Jun 27

There are already some iPhone 4 problems like signal los and yellow screen dots and now there is a new problem. Its not really a malfunction problem but its pretty weird, especially because Apple is so well known about their precision work. Apple has brought iPhone 4 devices on the market with their volume buttons reversed. The volume buttons function like planned, but the sign “+” and “-” are placed wrong. Most people wouldn’t even look at it but still its not what you can expect from Apple. Tell us if your volume keys are inverted.

Jun 27

You knew it was coming… every time a new Apple product is introduced BlendTec will create a new commercial for their powerful blenders. This time its the iPhone 4 that needs to suffer. You can also check out the iPad version here.

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