Jan 31

Staying true to the sleek and clean visual style of the iPhone 4, Lazerwood cases are designed to adhere solidly to the phone, without any damage, and are easily removable. Using the warmth and beauty of real wood veneer, the cases are precision-cut to fit the back and sides of the phone for both protection and help solve those pesky antenna signal issues. » Lazerwood: Real Wood iPhone 4 Protection

Jan 27

Franck Mullerusa “a watch brand from Switzerland”, designed a special iPhone 4 case. It is a unique design and can be pre-ordered in Japan for $1,270 [JP]. It will be sold as a limited edition, they designed 6 different cases and produced 500 of each case. A complete overview of the cases can be found on SoftBank. » Franck Muller iPhone 4 Case For $1,270!

Jan 22

An iPhone 4 user made some amazing changes on his iDevice, by making it transparent. He bought some Diy ip4 transparent machine pieces and just replaced his standard iPhone cover with this amazing transparent front and back. At Uwants (Google translation) he uploaded a lot of photos of his creation. Where or how we can buy these transparent parts  we don’t know. » Transparent iPhone 4 Case Mod!

Jan 11

Trimensional is the world’s first 3D scanner for the iPhone. It instantly captures 3D models of yourself, friends, and family, and share the amazing results with the world. Trimensional uses both the screen and the front-facing camera on your iOS device, detecting patterns of light reflected off your face to build a true 3D model. More information and movie after the break. » Trimensional: 3D Scanner for iPhone

Jan 04

Skateboard Series iPhone 4 Case
“Introducing the new, one-of-a-kind Board Series from SlickWraps. If you skate and want to show off your style everywhere you go, this wrap is for you. We use real skateboard grip-tape to manufacture each item and each is precision cut with a laser for a perfect fit. When combined with a wood grain vinyl edge wrap this design actually gives your iPhone 4 the illusion of being a skateboard, all you need now are the wheels. The only advice we can give you is not to slide this phone against your grandma’s table because this material is very rough. Accept no imitations, this wrap is the 1st and only of its kind. Any wrap that follows is surely just a cheap imitation. Get yours today!” » Skateboard Series iPhone 4 Case

Dec 31

There are tons of iPhone knockoffs but the SoPhone is probably the best iPhone knockoff till this day. The SoPhone has lots of features: “Multitasking”, search, and even moving “apps” into folders with drag-and-drop! It is an iPhone 4 knockoff and even includes a knockoff of Apple’s iOS software. Video and more specs after the break. » SoPhone Best iPhone 4 Knockoff Reviewed

Dec 10

On the basis of the bezel having a massive 8.5ct ‘IF’ flawless diamonds with a rear platinum and diamond Apple logo, the iPhone 4 HISTORY edition is the worlds 1st with a rear section structured from a 65 million year old T-REX tooth and meteoric stone. I have worked before with Dinosaur in the past but I wanted to go fierce on this one hence we sort a tooth, doesn’t come more fierce than that , we then splintered and shaved the tooth into the pre polished meteoric stone both of which were sort from Arizona in the US. Available as a limited edition of only 10 to be made. More information about this £39,995 iPhone 4 can be found here. » iPhone 4 History Edition: A £39,995 iPhone 4

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