Jun 30

iphone-3gs-surchauffe-bruleMore than 1 million people bought the iPhone 3GS in the US only. Not to mention the rest of the world. But it seems you can better buy the black version than the white version. One buyer had some problems with his white iPhone 3GS. » White iPhone 3GS Overheated

Dec 29

A little while back some rumors were started that the iPhone 3G was going to be sold at Americas Favorite retail store, Walmart Inc. Even though most of You know, i am here to say that is true! I know I’m a little late with the news, but i was on Vacation in Memphis, Tennessee and I saw them at the Walmart there! Its not as cheap as everyone thought, it only has a $2 off Difference, But Walmart is closer than Apple. Plus, you get to leave with it THAT day, instead of waiting for Apple to ship it off. I just thought i would let you know i was back, and that i got to ”Play” with one of these wonderful Phones! It has such a great feel to it. Granted, some may say it feels ”Cheap” it does Lay in your hand as if you were a Cradle. Thanks for reading! More to come!!! » iPhone 3G Sold at Wal-Mart is TRUE!!!

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