Sep 17


Apple placed a new video on their website. It shows the possibilities of an iPhone 3GS for people with a handicap. The subject is accessibility. The video shows VoiceOver functionality with navigation, mail, and Internet.

» Apple Posted iPhone 3GS Accessibility Video

Sep 14

Stuart Hughes has pimped many phones and other gadgets and has given them a very expensive jacket. And now the British guy gave the iPhone 3GS a new look as well. A 17.000 euro look to be precise.

» iPhone 3GS For 14,995 Dollar

Sep 02


Madden NFL 2010 will arrive in the App Store soon, but if you want to buy it remains to be seen. The game will be the most expensive game from all the EA Games available for the iPhone. This has probably something to do with the fact that EA had to buy expensive Licenses in order to use the real names of the players and teams in the game.

» Highest Priced EA Game: “Madden 2010”

Aug 09

MMS_NewGamingExperience_iPhone3GS_r7_c2There are many, many, many apps. Most of them run on all the different iPod Touch and iPhone versions. But slowly a new branch is being formed: games specifically designed for the iPhone 3GS. The company Mad Monkey Studios promises to build games only for the iPhone 3GS. They want to take advantage of the better graphics processor and other features only the 3GS has. And they present a video in which they show the processor speed of the 3GS versus the 3G. It’s pretty clear (and to no surprise), that the framerate of the iPhone 3GS is much higher compared with the 3G.

» Mad Monkey Studios, Building Games Only For iPhone 3GS

Aug 05

The latest version of the iPhone OS 3.1 beta, seeded to developers last week, seems to contain an updated configuration file that references two mysterious products known as “iProd0,1” and “iProd1,1”, Ars Technica reports. The “iProd0,1” was spotted back in March in a version of the same configuration file in an iPhone OS 3.0 beta. The “iProd1,1” reference seems to be new.

» OS 3.1 Beta File References Two Mysterious Products?

Aug 04

wowwee_iphoneMeet iPhone 3GS. It’s a she. Did you know that? And she can do many things. iPhone 3GS has arms, legs, a body and….a head. Take a look at the future of mobile devices.

» iPhone Robot

Jul 18

apple-iphone-3gs-vs-nokia-97-250x197In the end of 2008 Nokia anounced the N97 as a phone that could compete with the iPhone.

Michael Sherlock has the iPhone 3GS and the Nokia N97 and he has made a comparison of these 2 phones and created a video about it.

The N97 has some nice widgets and has a  5 megapixel camera with a Zeiss-lens, but i think iPhone 3GS beats the Nokia N97 easily.
The iPhone is a lot faster, and the interface is still a lot better.
Let us know what u think, is Nokia comming close?

Hit the break to see the video.

» Nokia N97 vs iPhone 3GS

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