Nov 26

FaceIt 3Gs is a tweak that enables FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs. Yesterday the tweak has been updated for iOS 4.2.1. To download this tweak “for free” you need a jailbroken iPhone 3Gs, add the iPhone Islam “” repo to Cydia and you are ready to go.

Nov 10

Omnio created a keyboard specially created for your iPhone, its called the WOWKeys. It includes an actual iPhone dock and has 15 integrated iPhone hotkeys. It’s a $100 USB keyboard that you can use with your iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and is compatible with Windows and Mac. While mounted on your keyboard you can of course still use the iPhone to control any number of other devices. » WOWKeys: iPhone Dock Integrated In Your Keyboard

Nov 08

FaceIT 3Gs
I wrote about FaceIT 3Gs “which enables FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs” earlier today and it turns out its already available in the Cydia Store for Free. So add the repo and download FaceIT 3Gs. Remember you need a iPhone 3Gs with iOS 4.1.

Nov 08

Its now possible to enable FaceTime on the iPhone 3Gs thanks to the guys from iPhoneIslam. Unfortunately its not possible to transfer video yet “only audio till now” but the guys from iPhoneIslam are working on that and hopefully they will release an update soon. » FaceTime On iPhone 3Gs via FaceIT 3Gs [jailbreak]

Oct 24

iSeeU is a new gadget for the iPhone 3GS created by the South Korean company Playmass. It enables you to video chat “using fring or any other video chat application” thanks to some mirrors mounted at the top of your iPhone 3GS. By turning the mirror around you can switch between front view camera or a back view camera. You can get the iSeeU in five different colors and is available for just $25. » iSeeU Makes Video Chat For iPhone 3GS Possible

Aug 19

south korea iPhone 4 pre-order
The iPhone 4 pre-orders has started in South Korea and it is a big success, its even bigger than expected because the website of KT Corp “which is the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Korea” crashed after the first 130.000 pre-orders where made within 13 hours. That’s way better than the iPhone 3GS did, which only received 14.500 pre-orders on its first day and 65,000 in the first five days. » South Korea: 130.000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders On The First Day!

Aug 17

iphone-crashLately there are a lot of problems in the iDevice world, take the iPhone 3GS for example. If you have iOS 4 installed, you maybe already noticed that it isn’t working as it supposed to be. A lot of iPhone 3GS devices with firmware iOS 4, will execute a reset while making phone calls “mostly when the phone call is longer than 5 minutes”. It looks like the issue is caused by multitasking. To prevent you iDevice from rebooting automatically, you can try to turn of all the applications that have multitasking enabled. You can read about it on the Apple Discussion Forum. » iPhone 3GS With iOS 4 Automatically Reboots When Making Phone Calls

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