Jul 13

I’ve read some reports that the iPhone 3G GPS isn’t really a good function. But as this AT&T video demonstrates, the GPS function does really work nicely according to my standards. I personally can’t wait to get my own iPhone 3G (please donate :) lol) and get the TeleNav sofware. Check the vid after the break.
» iPhone 3G GPS road test (video)

Jul 12

TeleNav announced that they will release a turn-by-tunr iPhone 3G GPS solution pretty soon. TeleNav is most known for their GPS navigation software for some other smartphones.
» TeleNav iPhone GPS Navigation coming soon

Jun 20

A chinese news paper has publicized the list with all the company’s that are making the separate iPhone 3G components. There aren’t much supprises here, as most of the components we find in the new iPhone 3G have already been used in the current first gen iPhone. One interesting fact is that these company’s will see there revenues increased substantionaly as Apple is expecting to sell more then 27million units by the end of 2009.

» iPhone 3G – Manufactor list publiced