May 20

The Lounge Case is the ideal solution for iPad users who demand both simplicity and versatility. Combining a hardshell case with a soft padded back, the Lounge case offers excellent protection and works as a stand virtually anywhere. There’s no need to fold, open, or secure any tabs or flaps. The padded back lets you instantly and easily adjust your iPad to the most comfortable viewing or working angle. It works great on a desk, table or counter. Even better you can set it in your lap while you relax in bed, on the couch, or in your favorite chair. After all, that’s why we called it the Lounge Case! » iPad Lounge Case By Incase

Jan 17

We are still waiting for the iPad 2 to be unveiled, but a new iPad case for the next gen iPad has already been found and shows some interesting holes. In the picture above you can see two new holes, one in the upper left and the another in the upper-middle. What are they for? MICgadget thinks the upper-middle hole could be made for HDMI or mini-HDMI port, and the upper-left hole is for SD card slot. » iPad 2 Case Comes With Two New Holes

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