Sep 15

Epic Citadel screenshot
Yes that’s right, iPhone developers will now be able to generate iOS applications using Unreal Development Kit “which is a 3D-Engine normally used for console and pc-games”. Epic Games announced this at the Korean Games Conference. First Apple didn’t allow developers to create a iOS application using something else than the Apple SDK kit. But since Apple removed these restrictions, developers would be able to use other development kits such as the Unreal Kit. » Create Amazing iOS Games With The Epic Unreal Development Kit

Sep 03

According to 9to5mac iOS is the third most popular platform on the internet, this came from a report of netmarketshare. iOS is actually almost six times larger than Android. Devices that are running iOS “which includes iPhone, iPad and iPod” have a market share of 1.1 percent. That puts them on the 3rd place after Windows which is number one with 91.3 percent market share and OS X with 5 percent. Android only has a marketshare of 0,2 percent. » iOS: Third Most Popular Internet Platform

Aug 13

Gartner reported
that the worldwide sales of the Android OS has passed the iPhone sales in Q2 of this year. There are 10.6 million phones running Android OS which is a 17.2% market share, against 8.7 million phones running iOS which is a 14.2% market share. Of course Symbian is still the big number one with a market share of 41.2%.

Jul 31

New day new….. App Store? Yea that’s right, OpenAppMkt  is a web-based third party app store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The apps that you can download are completely written in HTML, if you would like to install a app alls you have to do is push the “add to home” button. The good thing of OpenAppMkt is that you don’t need a jailbroken device to use it (like Cydia). All you have to do is go to and follow the instructions. You are not really installing something when you hit the “add to home” button, all you really do is create a Safari bookmark on your home screen. They are all web apps, so to use the apps you need a internet connection. » OpenAppMkt: Web-Based Third Party App Store

Jul 27

jailbreaking - unlocked allowed - legal
The Library of Congress has added new anti-circumvention exceptions to the DMCA that allow people to tweak, jailbreak, unlock and rooting their handset. This means that we are allowed to run unapproved apps on our iDevices, Androids or any other Smartphone and Apple or any other company cant sue you for doing that. You can read the full statement from the Librarian of Congress after the break. » Jailbreaking & Unlocking Now Official Legal!

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