Dec 21

If you are involved in an Internet business, or just curious about where the Internet is heading, this infographic will interest you. “The Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet” infographic is about major trends that are likely to make an impact in the next few years. Check it out after the break. » 7 Shocking Stats & Trends About The Internet [Infographic]

Dec 13

As the year is coming to a close, take a look at the explosive growth of internet access in developing countries as well as the ever increasing shift to smartphones and mobile devices in the infographic after the break. » 2012 Internet & Mobile Trends Report [Infographic]

Aug 03

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with the FreedomPop Sleeve: 4G data for your iPod Touch, Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 other devices, stream video and music anywhere, and you can even use Apple’s FaceTime wherever you go! » Freedom Sleeve, Turn Your iDevice Into An Free 4G Device

Jul 28

This infographic is an exploration (created by androidtabletfanatic) of mobile Internet cost around the globe (2 GB a month) which also takes into account the type of data network deployed by each country. This information allows the reader to come up with their own opinions about which country offers a better deal by using both cost and quality as indicators. Check the full infographic after the break. » The Cost Of Mobile Internet Around The World [Infographic]

Aug 27

Are you one of those die hard Apple fans? What… you also love cars? Well than you definitely want the Apple styled Mercedes-Benz S600! This beautiful car “that can get from 0 to 62 in four seconds with a top speed of 211 miles per hour” has two iPads and keyboards in the back seats that can control the car’s multimedia system, navigation systems, and the built-in telephone system, it has a Mac mini in the back as well as a 64gb iPod touch. If that’s not enough it also includes a 15.2″ TFT display which is hanging on the roof. » iBusiness: Apple Styled Mercedes-Benz S600

Jul 07

ipad mobile vikings SIM
Mobile Vikings is introducing a “data only” SIM card that can be used for the iPad, iPhone or laptop including 1GB data during 1 month for just €12. This only includes data traffic “internet” so you cant make calls or send text messages. Its not a subscription but a prepaid SIM card that you can upgrade any time you would like. You can upgrade you SIM with €15 or €40. » Mobile Vikings Data SIM Card

Sep 14

Back on 1.1.4, there was an application called AdBlock that disabled the ads in the iPhone’s Safari browser. This greatly reduced the time it took Safari to render web pages, especially in a situation without wifi. Well, AdBlock still isn’t ported to 2.0, but there is another way to manually disable ads in Safari. It requires SSH or USB access to your phone’s filesystem, but is pretty easy. Read inside for instructions. » How to block ads in Mobile Safari