Sep 21

Intelliborn released an updated version of IntelliScreen. Intelliscreen 2.1 is now compatible with the iPhone firmware 2.1. In this latest version they have improved some bugfixes and the performance.
IntelliScreen customizes your “Slide to Unlock” screen allowing you to load widgets onto that otherwise unused space. Options include listing calendar events, mail subjects, SMS messages, weather reports and RSS news feeds.
» Cydia – IntelliScreen 2.2

Jun 29

IntelliScreen received it’s almost daily update. Version 1.08 only fixes some bugs and no new features have been introduced. The full changelog after the break.
» IntelliScreen 1.08 – A iPhone today sceen application (update)

Jun 28

IntelliBorn released a update to their very poppular iPhone/iPod Touch today screen replacement. IntelliScreen is now on version 1.07. The new release adds some fixes in the IntelliDial, SMS Privacy, german LanguageƂ and a unlock fix. Click the read more for the details.
» IntelliScreen 1.07 – A iPhone today sceen application

May 28

And yes we have another update of Instelliscreen!
It’s on version 0.93 RC5 (i guess we’ll be seeing the final release pretty soon!)
I will show you the full changelog and some pictures.

Version 0.93 Enhancements:
Taskbar icons for missed phone calls, unread email, unread sms
Alerts for missed calls/missed SMS/unread email
Alert types including Vibration, Sound, and Flash
Quiet Time for Alerts
» Intelliscreen 0.93 RC5

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.84.
there’s only Only 1 new feature.

– You can now use the google mobile news reader when you launch news !
» Instelliscreen 0.84

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.81.
The app has a some cool new features.
Let me walk you throught the changelog:

– Use multiple email accounts
– Add custom rss feeds to news ( rss feed ? :))
– Informs the user when mail auto-check is disabled
– 24h time format
– BBC has been added to the default news feed
» Intelliscreen 0.81 (updated to version 0.82)

May 14

Yesterday i told you guys about intelliscreen 0.7. check out this post for more screens.

It seems the developers are working hard to get this app out of beta as today we already have an update to version 0.8.

There are a ton of new features and fixes.

New features+ Screenshots ! :

– Any region outside us causes change to celcius (good one :) ), no (xxx)xxx)xxxx formatting for phone # and date)
» Intelliscreen 0.8 (updated with screenshots)

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