Mar 15

Fox and TinyCo have unveiled the first images of the upcoming Family Guy iOS game, which will be release next month. The free-to-play game story is “influenced by the show’s 212-episode catalogue as well as current events.” It will probably also get in-app purchases or virtual currency. » First Images Of Family Guy iOS Game Unveiled

Jun 19

In the current iOS 7 Beta 1, there is no Voice Memo app, however a leaked image  from a WWDC developer session is making the rounds, showing that the Voice Memo app will make an appearance in a future release. The Beta 1 release note also notes “Voice Memos – Known Issues: The VoiceMemos app is not available in this seed.“, suggesting that Voice Memo should be in there or will be in there in a later Beta version. » Leaked Image Suggests “Voice Memo” Will Return in Future iOS 7 Beta Release

Mar 01

Two days ago Apple started sending invitations for the Apple Event on Wednesday, March 7, and the image of the iPad Apple used for the invitation didnt show a Home Button. Because of that people started to think that there will no homebutton on the next gen iPad. This is highly unlikely since all leaked iPad 3 parts show a homebutton and today they are shown by these digitizers on today. » Images Of iPad 3 Digitizer & HomeButton

Jan 06

These images are just mockups, but not less fun to look at. Nobody knows for sure “yet” how the next generation iPad will look like, but it can be something like these images. In this mockup the iPad will get a rear facing camera, a bigger speaker and a new design. After the break you can find more pictures. » iPad 2 Mockup Pictures: The Real Deal?