Mar 31

implus_lite100x100jpgWe have had IM+ on our iPhone for way long, but we have been using Fring till now. Since the 2.0 update released on the app store, this app has been given a pretty cool UI. All stability issues have been solved. » App Update Review: IM+ v2.0

Aug 13

MobileChat ,yes the jailbroken app of Twenty08 has made the jump to the App Store. Many of our first gen iPhone readers will know this app from the Jailbreak community. This was always one of my favorite applications that i installed on about any iPhone. Today it has been released in the App Store. Although it’s not free like PalRingo, it’s still worth while if you don’t like palringo very much.
» App Store – MobileChat moves to the App Store

Jul 26

A new free instant messenger client showed up in the App Store, Palringo. Palringo is a Google Talk, MSN Live Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo! Talk, AIM and Gadu compatible chat client. The app has options for sending txt messages, voice messages, setup groups and send pictures.
» App Store – PalRingo a Free instant messenger client

Jul 01

I received a mail from our friends within Fring with some cool news. As i posted some time ago, Fring released their API publicly, see post here. Today they are publicly announcing the first fringAdd-ons developed by fring and 3rd party developers. The first flavors of fringAdd-ons are around social networking, videos and email notifications. As you can see in the screen shots below and in the YouTube clip fring users can already get Gmail notifications, vTap videos, interact with Facebook and Orkut buddies, with more to come.
» Fring released add-ons (orkut, gmail notifier, facebook and vTap videos)

Jul 01

AgileMessenger is a new native iPhone chat application from AgileMobile that is just fantastic. AgileMessenger supports nearly any chat application like ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber and GoogleTalk). The list of functions is almost limitless.
» AgileMessenger – iPhone messenger client (AgileMobile)

May 30

I received the following mail today and decided to share it with you.

As you probably know, we have designed a fring pre –release version for the iPhone which we made available for the guys to play with around mid April. Also, while not originally designed for, by now we have huge number of iPodtouch users downloading and communicating via fring ….. and they tell us what needs more work.

So here’s a quick heads’ up: we releasing this morning an updated version of fring for iPhone. This version while designed for the iPhone is also addressing issues in the iPodTouch.

I didn’t yet have the time to test the updated version. But for now you can read my full review if you need to get some more detailed information.

The full fring review can be found here.

» Fring update for iPod Touch

May 07

The guys from Fring just dropped me some news.

They have updated Fring to version 0.9785 and it resolves the famous SMS deletion problem.

Official post :

The new version includes the following fixes:

1. Issues resulting in deleted SMS (additional QA work on our side still in progress)
2. mVoIP calls on 1.1.2 are now fully supported.
3. Incoming SIP calls are also available with this new version
» Fring updated to version 0.9785. fixes sms bug!

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