Sep 23

The most noticeable thing about the iPhone 5 is its new larger display. Apple only increased the height of the display, not the width and this has spawned some criticism from the tech world, as well as this hilarious parody after the break. » iPhone 5 Parody “A Taller Change Than Expected”

Aug 01

Check out the funny video above, where they make fun of Siri who sometimes gives a wrong answer on your questions.

Apr 17

I just published two TV Ads with Zooey Deschanel & Samuel L Jackson, which you can see here. But what if Samuel L Jackson replaces Siri? Check out the video above and have a little laughter, (NSFW).

Apr 16

Lets start this week with some humour. I surfed the web today and came across this funny video about G-Male and Siri called “G-Male and Siri: A Love Story”. Its a where an intelligent device (Siri) meets an other intelligent device (G-Male). This video also features Blackberry, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more. Just watch the video after the break for a good start of the day. » G-Male and Siri: A Love Story

Jan 19

steve-justinCurrent TV has made a funny video about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs fighting each other. Both have special weapons. Steve Jobs calls the ad-boy Justin Long and Bill Gates has Halo’s Master Chief up his sleeves. The video is in Beavis & Butthead-style where Jobs and Gates engage in battle. Who’s going to win? » SuperNews: Gates VS Jobs! [Video]

Sep 03

After all the news reports about exploding iPhones, it coudn’t take long before someone made a funny video about it. It’s actually an application called iSplosion. An app that causes your iPhone to explode. Watch the video below to see how the app works.

» “iSplosion”: A New Way To Blow Up Your iPhone