Oct 18

Gameloft just released the new game Star Battalion, which is a well designed 3D space shooter. It is the first game which makes use of both the Game Center and the Gameloft Live!-service. You can complete some mission in single player mode “which gives 3,5 hours of gameplay” or you can battle against your friends. in multiplayer mode. » Star Battalion: New 3D Space Shooter From Gameloft

Jul 20

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 we are talking about the Retina Display, the Antenna issue and the camera, but one thing we are not talking about that often is the Gyroscope. The Gyroscope is a new iPhone feature that is more accurate than the accelerometer in the previous iPhone. Why do we need it? Well take a look at the video above, it shows a augmented reality app “Accrossair” on the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 and the difference is pretty amazing.