Sep 28

A couple of new photos of an alleged “gold” model with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor have surfaced on Chinese website [Google Translate] One photo “above” shows the lower half of the device and appears to reveal a metal ring around the home button, just like the iPhone 5s. The second photo “below” shows the tablet from the rear, revealing a gold finish similar to that of the gold iPhone 5s. » Photos Of Gold iPad Mini With TouchID Fingerprint Sensor

Nov 14

Just like they did with the iPhone 5, London-based Gold & Co has released a limited edition set of 250 24kt gold and rose gold iPad Minis. The Golden edition iPhone 5 is priced at $5000 so the Golden edition iPad Mini will most likely cost a little bit more. If you have money to spend, you’ll likely have to travel to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, or London to find one. » 24kt Gold Plated iPad Mini by Gold & Co