Oct 01

A new day almost equals a new emulator being released by ZodTTD. Today he made the popular Genesis4iPhone application available for iPhones and iPod Touches running firmware 2.x. For all of you who haven’t used Genesis4iPhone, the sega genesis emulator for the iPhone i’d suggest to have a look at my old posts.
» Genesis4iPhone hits firmware 2.x – Cydia

May 22

Just found out that iPhoneRoms is has been back online since tuesday.
For the people who don’t know what iPhoneRoms is, let me briefly explain.
ZodTTD is a super developer who created several applications that can emulate all sorts of consoles.
He created a Gameboy emulator called GameBoy4iPhone, a Sega Genesis emulator named Genesis4iphone, a Gameboy advance emulator named gpsPhone and last but not least a Super Nintendo emulator called SNES4iPhone.
» iPhoneRoms back up

Apr 19

ZodTTd has released an update to his already very cool app Genesis4iphone and he has released a new emulater for the gameboy, gameboy4iphone to his beta-testers.

I don’t have much news now, but as soon as both app’s are released to the public, i will review them asap.

Keep an eye out on his repo that you can find here .

For the people who would like to be beta-tester, go to www.zodttd.com and donate some $ or € and Zodttd will add you to the list of betatesters.

Here is a video of the beta working:
» Gameboy4iphone v0.6.0 and Genesis4iphone v1.5.0 released to beta-testers