Nov 23

rogue planetGameloft has released their long awaited turn-based war game “Rogue Planet”. The game has 19 missions in single player campaign. The game also offers multiplayer over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but no internet play. Gameloft is working on it though. In Quick Game mode you can play against AI bots when your friends are somewhere else. You can choose between 2 different armies and there are 3 levels of difficulty across 34 maps (19 from story mode and 15 new ones).

» Gameloft’s “Rogue Planet” Is Out!

Nov 21

gameloft-love-app-storeThe French game developer Gameloft, known from iPhone games like The Settlers and Shrek Kart, has announced that the development of games for the Android platform will be put at a lower priority. The reason for this decision is that Gameloft has sold 400 times more games for the iPhone compared to the Android sales.

» Gameloft: “iPhone Earnings 400 Times More Then Android Earnings”

Nov 18

castle frenzyGameloft keeps going. With Roque Planet, Nova and Avatar also on their way to the App Store, in the meantime we can enjoy their newest release “Castle Frenzy”. It’s a 3D tower defense game with amazing graphics. Just like we expect from Gameloft. » Gameloft Released Tower Defense Game “Castle Frenzy”

Nov 13


The Avatar hype seems to have no end. Gameloft is going to release the iPhone version of the Avatar game. To show off the game, they launched a trailer. Knowing Gameloft this will be another great game to have on your iPhone. The graphics look stunning as usual and the price will probably be affordable as well. » Avatar Hype Reaches iPhone

Nov 07

gameloft-love-app-storeGameloft is one of the few developers who is constantly developing new games. With 4,000 employess they are capable of producing almost one game a week. Thanks to the games they make for the iPhone their sales have gone up with 18% in the first 9 months of this year. That means they achieved a demand of 90,2 million dollars. » Gameloft Sees Sales Rising Because Of iPhone

Nov 07

the settlers logoI posted a trailer about this game yesterday and said that the game will be out somewhere in November. While I was really looking forward to the game, I thought it will probably be out near the end of the month. But it showed up today! I was very surprised to see The Settlers alive and well in the App Store. » Gameloft’s “The Settlers” Already In The App Store

Nov 06

gameloftGameloft is going to release two new games this month. The first one is a realtime strategy game called The Settlers. The original game dates back to 1993 and the relaxed feel of the game should translate to the iPhone very well. The second game is called Castle Frenzy and is basically a castle defense game. It has several power upgrades and seems to have a simple gameplay. The difference with other tower defense however, is the fact that the graphics look amazing for such a game. Gameloft released two trailers. » Gameloft Will Release “The Settlers” And “Castle Frenzy” This Month

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