Dec 10

HAWXGameloft’s “Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X.” arrived in the App Store. It’s an air combat game that takes place in the Ghost Recon game universe. There are voice overs, 13 missions, 26 planes and local multiplayer.

» H.A.W.X. Flew In The App Store

Dec 09

driverIn Driver, you play as an underground NYPD detective who was chosen by the force for his impressive driving skills to infiltrate the filthy underbelly of four in-game cities. You will be tasked with a series of missions that will have you racing around the city, evading the police, and generally doing most of the things you do in Grand Theft Auto games without the ability to ever get out of your car.

» Gameloft’s ‘Driver’ In The App Store

Dec 02


NOVA is set in the future, when the Earth has run out of resources and human civilization exists on what amounts to interstellar resource farms which are guarded by the Near Orbital Vanguard Alliance (or NOVA).

» Preview Gameplay Video Nova

Nov 28

nova-gameloft-iphone-fpsNova is another game from Gameloft and is a much anticipated one. The game is said to be due “this holiday season”. The trailer starts with some cinematic introduction and has some new gameplay footage. This first-person shooter looks really cool and I think I will buy the game as soon as it’s out. What about you? » ‘Nova’ Gameplay Trailer Released

Nov 26

gameloftMany developers are having a sale because of Thanksgiving. EA has put some of their games at a cheaper price tag, but Gameloft dwarves EA completely by selling many of their own games at a $0,99 price tag. Below is a list of games that can be bought for only $0,99 till Sunday. So if you ever wanted to play Blades of Fury but thought the game was to expensive, this is your chance to get it almost for free. » Thanksgiving Presents From Gameloft

Nov 26

Skater NationGameloft has released their much anticipated game ‘Skater Nation’. Skater Nation is an open-world skateboarding game which really puts the other skateboarding titles available on the platform to shame when it comes to overall depth and complexity.

» Gameloft Releases ‘Skater Nation’

Nov 24

Avatar_iPhone_Screen_Bulldozer-300x199Avatar the movie is a true hype and Gameloft seems to know that as well. They are developing an Avatar game for the iPhone. But unlike many movie games, this one is does not follow the story of the movie itself. You can see this game as a sort of a prequel to the movie. » Avatar Screenshots And Release Date

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