Nov 29

Little Printer holds a compact, inkless, thermal printer. Its zero-configuration wireless connection to the Web and lets you place it wherever you have a power outlet. Little Printer is constructed in high-gloss injected moulded plastic and the brushed steel faceplate holds the paper, framing each delivery as it prints. Little Printer has wide range of sources available to check on your behalf. Subscribe to your favourites and choose when you would like them delivered. Little Printer gathers everything it needs to prepare a neat little personalised package, printed as soon as you press the button. You can get deliveries multiple times a day, but we find once or twice works best–like your very own morning or evening newspaper. » Little Printer: Tiny Printer That Connects To The Cloud To Bring You Customized News, Weather And More

Sep 17

Sphero robotic ball remote iphone
We have talked a lot about the AR.Drone quadricopter, which is a remotely controlled quadricopter by an app on the iPhone. Now a new interesting remote device for the iPhone will hit the market soon, the Sphero. The Sphero is the forst robotic ball that you control with a tilt, or touch on your smarthphone. It even comes with multiple games/apps that you can download for iOS and Android. » Sphero: The Robotic Ball Controlled By An iPhone

Aug 07

The iPhone controlled marble prototype is one of the many things that proves that the iPhone has no limits. It’s a small black rolling ball, that you can move around simply by tilting you iPhone to the direction you want. It also includes a monitor that can track its motion, this can be used to play games like golf and the ball will notify you when you reached the hole. Its also connected with Wi-Fi so the possibilities are endless. » GearBox Created A iPhone Controlled Marble Prototype

Jun 14

Sometimes there are gadgets for our iDevices that makes you think, “why?”. Like the USB typewriter, a handmade typewriter created by Jack Zylkin that you connect to your iPad via USB. They are all different and you can even send your own typewriter and have it made USB compatible. The price varies between $400 and $500 or $75 for a do-it-yourself kit. That’s a lot of money for a keyboard that you plug in a device that you bought because of the touch screen, so this is only for the real old school lovers. » USB Typewriter For The iPad

Mar 30

logodeximWe got our hands on the BluePack S2 for iPhone/iPod from Dexim. Charge your iPhone/iPod on the go. Dexim BluePack S2(1200mA) extends your talking time up to 3.5 hours, video watching time up to 7 hours, music playing time up to 36 hours.
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» Gadgets Reviewed! : Dexim – BluePack S2

May 20

Head of Deutsche Telekom, Rene Oberman, confirmed that in Germany they sold just about 100.000 iPhone’s.

During a meeting with shareholders, the head of T-Mobile Germany, iPhone’a considered to be “the most popular multimedia gadget” in the history of the company.
» The most popular multimedia gadget