Jul 11

Worry Free Labs is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of Sticker Factory, their new shape matching game that makes the most out of the iPad’s technological capabilities. With a simple concept in the core, the title requires both speed and accuracy. It presents a mix of matching fun and education, encouraging music and cute artwork. Sticker Factory features 11 action-packed levels with 11 sets of colorful stickers. » Sticker Factory: Fun For The Kids!

May 03

Yummy Bear is a physics based puzzle game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The game, developed by Muskedunder Interactive, is coming to the App Store soon. Until then, follow on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated! After the break you can check the Yummy Bear Trailer, looks like fun to me. » Yummy Bear Coming To The iPhone Soon

Nov 29

iPhone-Apps-Coasters-Overview-400x224Is the iPhone not enough? Do you need all kinds of crazy accessories, like this iPhone case? Or would you like to put something on the table to show off you’re an Apple/iPhone fan. At iPhoneAppsCoasters.com you can get some high quality, very nice looking iPhone icon coasters.

» Nice Looking High Quality iPhone Icon Coasters

Nov 02


Maybe the new iPhone can do something really revolutionary: seeing people without clothes through the iPhone camera. Michael Krivicka, Editor in Chief of www.whoisthebaldguyblog.blogspot.com, made a video with this super app called “Nude it”. It’s a marketing tool for his blog, but ever since he posted the video three weeks ago he has gotten a lot of emails from people asking if they can get that app. People are willing to pay a lot of money for it, so it seems. So here it is. And I must say, the video is pretty well made. » Funny Video: iPhone Undresses People Through Camera

Oct 30

iphone for dummiesA lot of people post videos about funny things you can do with the iPhone. One of those things could be shooting your iPhone, scratching it with a nail or throwing it of a building to see how the iPhone reacts. Well if you think a real iPhone is too expansive to do such things with, then maybe the iPhone Dummy is something for you.
» iPhone Dummy For Fun

Oct 26

iphone costumes

Need a costume for Halloween? Well you may like the iPhone suites made by Reko and John. And yes, they’re fully working. » Fully Working iPhone Costumes

Aug 28

We’ve had several humorous vids the last couple of days and today is no exception. This time the ad is all about MMS. Great clip. Enjoy and laugh your ass off! » And Another Hilarious iPhone Ad

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