Aug 15

Simplify Media, a newly released app store application, allows you to stream your music from your Mac or PC to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE. but grab it quick because this thing is only available for free for the first 100,00 downloads. after that it will cost you 3.99$. read on for features. » Your iTunes playlist now streamed to your iPhone over WiFi, 3G, or EDGE

Jun 23

Radio Donna (Belgian radio station) is the first to give away free iPhone 3G’s. The contest will start this friday (27june) at 00:00h european central time. Why am i informing you guys about this? First of all, how is it possible that a radio Station can give away free iPhone 3G’s before 11th of July? And second, the iPhone 3G will not be released the 11th of July in Belgium! Or is this a confirmation that it will be released the 11th?
» iPhone 3G – Win the first iPhones 3G on Radio Donna (Belgium)

Jun 21

One of the most welcome applications for the iPhone is a Voip application which would allow us to make calls using WiFi. Well the good news is iCall for the iPhone is coming and it will be available officially from the iTunes App Store.

» iCall for the iPhone, VoIP coming soon officially

Jun 19

Navizon received an update to version 2.0.6 today. Navizon let’s you locate your buddies anytime. There’s 1 new really big feature. The app has now a feature to locate your iPhone. This can be very handy if you lost it or if someone stole it. To activate this feature go to the settings and enable the Locate-By-SMS function. Enter your chosen keyword and your device is set. When you now send a sms to your iPhone with the chosen keyword, Navizon will send back the coordinates of your phone to the senders number.
» Navizon 2.0.6 – Let’s you recover your stolen iPhone

May 02

Navizon is quite a nice tool if you’d like to be traceable everywhere ..
I personally still prefer to have some privacy once in a while. But with all the tools that are coming out for my iPhone i notice that getting a little bit privacy is increasingly getting more of an exception.
Navizon is a tool that let’s you see where your friends are, and also let’s your friends see where you are.
» Locate your buddies anytime with Navizon GPS

Apr 29

Now this is a little app i haven’t had a look at. According to our installer, Tunewiki is one of the top 10 apps. Let’s have a look if it really meets it top 10 expectations.

The app promises to sync the lyrics of almost any song and it actually does what it says.
I’ve had almost no songs (and i do own strange music) where the app didn’t find the correct lyrics.

One nice side note is the fact that They have also recently announced that they have got permission from Universal Music Publishing Group for the community to legally view all the Universal Music Publishing catalog of lyrics in North America (and that they are working to obtain more permissions).
» Review of TuneWiki 2.2 (one of the top 10 iphone native apps)

Apr 26

If you are a developer and don’t want to host your app on your own bandwith then we have a solution for you.

Either you can host it with us (drop us a mail on multinova@domain) or you can use this new free service called myrepospace.

So how does this work?

It works in several steps.

1) register for free

2) Upload your app or game

3) Fill in the online form on how the app or game should be installed.

They currently have some sections available for ROMs Themes and apps.

Every source that’s been created has the registered users own unique id.

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