May 27

iFeng does a factory tour with special guest Foxconn CEO Terry Gou.  See if you can spot some new iPhones (clue: Bling on the back). » Another Look Inside Foxconn Zhengzhou Plant [Video]

Apr 27

Newspaper Jornal de Jundiai (via Evertiq) reports that 2,500 workers at the Foxconn plant in Brazil will strike if issues surrounding severe water shortages, food, and transportation of employees are not resolved before May 3. The Foxconn factory in Brazil is assembling some of Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad 2 units. » Foxconn Workers Threaten Strike Over Working Conditions In Brazil

Apr 09

More than a week ago, we told you that a japanese news crew asked a Foxconn HR/parking lot attendant about the release date of the upcoming iPhone 5. The Japanese news crew was told that the iPhone was coming in June? But now an other HR is saying something totally different… » New Trend: Ask Foxconn Employees About The iPhone 5 Release Date

Apr 09

The reporter Rob Schmitz gain exclusive access to the Foxconn iPad factory in China, and is only the second journalist to do so. “On the heels of his report about Mike Daisey’s largely fabricated This American Life story, our China correspondent, Rob Schmitz is back with a new exclusive. Rob recently gained access to the Foxconn factory floor in Shenzhen, China, making him the first public media reporter (and only the second journalist) Apple has ever allowed into its Chinese supplier. Hear his exclusive reports on your local public radio station (week of April 9, 2012) or online anytime at” Take a look after the break where you can find a 3:30 minute “audio” interview about Rob’s tour in the China Foxconn factory. » Journalist Rob Schmitz Gets A Foxconn Factory Tour

Mar 25

The China Morning News reports Foxconn is hiring 20,000 workers for production of the new iPhone in a place called Taiyuan in Shanxi Province, Northern China.  » Approximately 20,000 New Foxconn Workers Recruited, Strikes Might Follow

Feb 22

ABC News Nightline goes behind the scenes of Apple FoxConn factory in China. In the video above you can hear anchor Bill Weir say at 3:40, “Although we did not find any egregious violations, if the Fair Labor Association finds any violations, we will report those going forward.”. ABC also has the full video up here (Flash, US only).  Also available on the ABC App. Another video can be found after the break. » ABC Foxconn iFactory special

Feb 21

ABC announced that it had been granted exclusive access to Foxconn factories in China where the company assembled products for Apple, with the segment scheduled to air on a special edition of Nightline on Tuesday night. ABC also posted a preview of the segment that can be seen after the break. » ABC Nightline Visit to Foxconn Chinese Factories

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