Jun 13

Two weeks ago I told you about SmokeScreen, which is a solution for playing flash files on the iDevices by converting Flash to JavaScript/HTML5. Artefact has created a different solution for playing flash on the iPad, he calls it, Flash In a Pinch. The Flash In a Pinch concept is still not very fast and there is no sound yet, but it’s a great start. » Flash In a Pinch: Brings Flash To The iPad!

Jun 09

iphone 4 camera photo
We all know by now that the new iPhone (4) includes a 5MP camera with a backside illuminated sensor. Thanks to this sensor its possible to shoot incredible low light details. As proof Apple is showing off some of the images shot with the iPhone 4 on Apple’s website and I have to say they look amazing. Of course they shot the pictures in ideal conditions, but still I am not sure if there is a other phone out there that can shoot this kind of images. Just look for yourself on Apple’s Website and you would understand what I mean.

Jun 04

Apple HTML5
We all know about apple wanting you to use HTML5 instead of flash, and a lot of people hate Apple for that. But Apple has published a new Web page that shows some amazing HTML5 examples which may change your mind. It includes 7 webpage’s that all demonstrates something else like, video, typography, a photo gallery, transitions, audio, 360º product view, and VR. To check out these examples you need to download Safari first. » Apple Showcases HTML5

May 31

Chris Smoak is working on a solution for playing flash on the iDevices, he calls it Smokescreen. Smokescreen is an open-source project that can convert Flash to JavaScript/HTML5 so it can be played on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get the code on github and will be released within the next couple weeks. At this point SmokeScreen’s performance isn’t perfect “yet” but works pretty good for basic flash files “like banners”. » SmokeScreen: View Flash Content On The iPhone

May 28

StevepjobsWe are all use to the short, strait to the point, sometimes angry looking email responses by Steve Jobs. But his last email response “about Adobe” actually shows a more gentler side of Steve. Josh Cheney has send a email to Steve containing the following:

“Do you hate Adobe and their products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or do you just hate their view on Flash?”

Steve replied unusual kind:

“I respect and admire Adobe. We just chose to not have Flash on our devices.”

So guys, Steve doesn’t hate Adobe! » Steve Shows His Gentler Side In A Mail About Adobe

May 04

adobe-flashWe all know by now Apple is not allowing flash on the iPhone, HTML-5 is the future Steve Jobs said. Because of this, Adobe will concentrate on the Google Androids and will demonstrate a version of Flash for Google’s Android software in May at the Google I/O conference.

As a message to Apple they give away Android phones running Flash to employees. Face it guys, there will never be “built in” Flash on the iPhone. » Free Android Phone For Adobe Employees

Feb 15

There are like million iPhone cases out there already, and they are almost all the same. But ones in a while there is a case that pops out. The FastMac’s iV is one of them. This case includes a built-in flash, a 1300 mAh battery and infrared. » FastMac iV Case: Flash, Battery & Remote

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