Jul 01

It’s the most discussed topic since the launch of the iPhone 4, the signal los problem. We all would like to know how to fix this problem and some users found a solution. It turns out that the signal los problem can be fixed simple “by adjusting or even trimming the micro SIM so the contacts don’t touch the metal tray.” Some people also say you can add a little piece of tape to the metal strip to prevent short circuit. Unfortunately it only works for some people and engadget even said it’s a bullshit story, but let us know if it worked for you. » iPhone 4 Signal Los Fix, Or Not?

May 12

Blackra1n and Spirit are 2 of the most popular jailbreak tools out there, but there are still people that encounter some problems. iFixer can be the solution for you, it will fix the problems that are caused by iTunes 9.1.1. All you have to do is put iFixer in the same folder as Spirit or Blackra1n, start iFixer and click “Make It Spirit!” or “Make It Ra1n!” to fix Spirit or Blackra1n. » iFixer, Solve Blackra1n/Spirit Problems On Windows

Feb 06

itunes-crashSome users have been reporting crashes of iTunes since the upgrade to firmware 2.2.1 for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple has released a workaround for this. Hit the break to see the letter from Apple iTunes support.
» Firmware 2.2.1 iTunes crash fix

Nov 25

During the short period the iPhone has been released to the public, the device became very popular, but there are still some features most of us lack. Apple is slowly adding new feature but i personally would like to have some extra ones that i did have on my previous phones. I’m certainly not the only one and someone else must have thought exactly the same, so he started the website pleasefixtheiphone.com.
» Any iPhone features you would like? PleaseFixtheiPhone

May 16

Some of us have had some issues with installing applications since the new installer was released.
Some app’s that simply refused to work without some minor adjustments.
I personally had the issue with customize and some other app’s.
I clarified released a fix for these issues, you can find the update in the installer.

» Installer 3.1 fix

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