Jan 19

Kipkay has come up with a novel way of keeping his phone running. “While a little prep is required beforehand, kipkay’s method provides the perfect low-tech way of charging your phone, particularly for camping or in the event of a power outage. Using only a coffee can, a coat hanger, and a small thermoelectric generator, kipkay shows you how to make a small “hobo-stove” that you can use to both cook food and charge your phone at the same time.” Check out the video after the break for instructions. » Charge Your iPhone With Fire

Aug 19

123054-exploded-iphoneApple is going to investigate incidents of the exploding iPhones in Europe, Reuters reports. Apple believes that those incidents were isolated incidents and there’s they don’t think there’s a general problem, a spokesman of the European Commission says. Apple is working on gathering more information to find out what may have caused the explosions.

» Apple Wants To Find The Cause Of Exploding iPhones

Jul 31

iphone-schadeWhat if you leave your iPhone on the seat of your car. You come back 15 minutes later, and find your car filled with smoke. You open the door and see your iPhone, totally destroyed by fire. Cause? The iPhone itself! It all happened to Pieter C., a guy from the Netherlands living in the Dutch city Leiden. He wants Apple or T-Mobile (the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in The Netherlands) to take responsibility, replace his iPhone and freeze his contract until he gets the new iPhone. But both refuse to take responsibility for the incident.

» Dutch iPhone 3G Catches Fire In Car