Nov 09 reports that an Australian Vodafone retail store has been evacuated after an in-store demo iPad “exploded”. “A burst of flames” appeared from the charging port of an iPad demo model, a Vodafone spokesperson said. The firebrigade was called in after the store filled with smoke and sparks continued to appear from the charging port. Nobody was injured during the incident. » Demo iPad Exploded In Australian Vodafone Store

Aug 12

Chinese news outlet Da Lian Evening News [Google Translate] reports that a woman in China suffered eye injuries from her iPhone 5 after it exploded while she was on the phone. The woman felt the device’s screen become warm after talking for 40 minutes, she tried numerous times to end the call by tapping on the screen before it exploded. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctor identified a scratch mark which suggested an object had scratched it. » iPhone 5 Explodes: Chinese Woman Suffers Eye Injuries

Dec 25

Action Movie FX lets you add Hollywood FX using your iPhones video camera. You simple select a Scene like “Missile Attack,” film a target and Action Movie FX adds an Incoming Missile and Its Explosion right into your movie, like you can see in the video above. » Action Movie FX For iPhone: Add Special Effects With The iPhones Camera

Aug 19

123054-exploded-iphoneApple is going to investigate incidents of the exploding iPhones in Europe, Reuters reports. Apple believes that those incidents were isolated incidents and there’s they don’t think there’s a general problem, a spokesman of the European Commission says. Apple is working on gathering more information to find out what may have caused the explosions.

» Apple Wants To Find The Cause Of Exploding iPhones

Aug 11

iphone3GS_heat_3201-200x300First a car fire because of an iPhone, then a exploding iPod Touch in the garden of an 11 year old girl, and now another exploding device. This time it’s the iPhone that exploded. A boy wanted to take a closer look at the iPhone of his girlfriend, but it ended up being a nasty experience. The iPhone exploded in his hands and pieces of glass flew in his eyes. The worried mother didn’t wait, and immediately called the Consumer Service of Apple.

» iPhone Explodes In Face