Jun 08

iQuiz, Excuses, Switch-it and linux installer moved repository from iSpazio to BigBoss. None of the app’s have any new features, it’s just a repo change.

May 24

I just posted the news that all apps + games moved from Touchrepo to BigBoss.
Well it seems that we will soon only have 4 big repository’s left.
BigBoss, NullRiver, RipDev and iSpazio.
DavTeam moved all of there applications and toys to the iSpazio repo.
» DavTeam Apps and Games Moved to iSpazio

May 21


iPhone ToysNo Comments »      Chris Eissens

Excuses or Excuses is another app that got moved from the DAVTEAM to the BigBoss repo.
As i haven’t reviewed it yet, this is a good opportunity to do so.
Excuses is a excuses generator for work, school or Police (although i wouldn’t really use them for the police ;) )
Imagine telling to a police officer, Officer please excuse me because, i thought the red light was a Christmas decoration …
I wouldn’t do that … but if you do try it, please let me know the outcome :)
» Excuses