Oct 01

A new day almost equals a new emulator being released by ZodTTD. Today he made the popular Genesis4iPhone application available for iPhones and iPod Touches running firmware 2.x. For all of you who haven’t used Genesis4iPhone, the sega genesis emulator for the iPhone i’d suggest to have a look at my old posts.
» Genesis4iPhone hits firmware 2.x – Cydia

Jul 29

Jonathan zdziarski release a update to his NES emulator application. The new version now has accelerometer support for all games. Controlling your character is actually very easy, just tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch in the direction you’d like it to move.Hit the read more link for a vid.
» Cydia/Installer – Nes now has accelerometer support

Jul 28

I informed you guys some time ago regarding the upcoming iControlPad Joystick solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iControlPad is a hardware add-on that will make playing games via the popular emulators much more like playing with a PSP. The first batches are expexted to be released very soon. For now i have some nice screenshots of the final rendering and some pictures of the real deal.
» iControlPad update

Jul 27

The Firmware 2.0 jailbreak community is slowly but certainly getting very cool apps. Today ZodTTD did it again. This time he ported Quake to the iPhone. I’ve played the game for some minutes and the first thing that i noticed is how smooth it runs (audio + fps). ZodTTD made this game highly playable on the iPhone except for 1 little issue. When you pay the game you can’t see the full screen as your fingers cover parts of the screen.
» Cydia/Installer Quake4iPhone

Jun 05

I already brought you the news of the iControlPad. The hardware mod that will transform your iPhone or iPod touch to a full blown portable game station. Today the developers released the first rendered screens of the device and gave some extra answers to everybody’s questions.
» iControlPad render screens- Controller for iPhone games

May 22

Just found out that iPhoneRoms is has been back online since tuesday.
For the people who don’t know what iPhoneRoms is, let me briefly explain.
ZodTTD is a super developer who created several applications that can emulate all sorts of consoles.
He created a Gameboy emulator called GameBoy4iPhone, a Sega Genesis emulator named Genesis4iphone, a Gameboy advance emulator named gpsPhone and last but not least a Super Nintendo emulator called SNES4iPhone.
» iPhoneRoms back up

May 15

For people who have no idea what i’m talking about.
ZodTTD is the guru who created almost every single console emulater you can think off.
These include Genesis4iphone, Gameboy4iphone, GpsPhone, PsxPhone, etc etc.
If you’d like to have more details about these, please check this page.
» ZodTT released al his beta’s to the public.