Sep 17

dungeon hunterWe spoke about Gameloft’s “Dungeon Hunter” here, here and here. And now the game is finally available for download. Dungeon Hunter looks like it could be a another killer game from the soil of Gameloft.

» “Dungeon Hunter” Showed Up In The App Store

Sep 04

gameloftWe’ve posted a video about the upcoming Gameloft game “Dungeon Hunter” before. But that was a rendered video with just an announcement of the game. This time Gameloft has released a trailer that shows more of the gameplay of Dungeon Hunter.

» New Gameplay Trailer “Dungeon Hunter”

Aug 30

Gameloft has many games in the App Store and there are no signs of them stopping. Their next project is called ‘Dungeon Hunter’. Not much is known about this game, but there’s this trailer below. It shows the background story of the game, not more really. But it got me interested.

» Gameloft Trailer For ‘Dungeon Hunter’