Dec 09

driverIn Driver, you play as an underground NYPD detective who was chosen by the force for his impressive driving skills to infiltrate the filthy underbelly of four in-game cities. You will be tasked with a series of missions that will have you racing around the city, evading the police, and generally doing most of the things you do in Grand Theft Auto games without the ability to ever get out of your car.

» Gameloft’s ‘Driver’ In The App Store

Dec 05

hawx_helmet_and_logoWe have three trailer for you today. Three much anticipated games will be released in December so it shouldn’t be long before you can play games on the road and in the air. » Three Fantastic iPhone Game Trailers

Nov 29

driverGameloft will release a remastered version of Driver. Nearly everything from the original PC game Driver has been brought to the iPhone version, including the exact same physics and driving engine present in the original PC version. TouchArcade made a gameplay video to get an idea of how this amazing looking game plays.

» Gameplay Video Of ‘Driver’