Dec 10

dr nano x
A view days ago I told you that Dr. Nano X has been submitted to the App Store. Yesterday it has been approved by Apple and can be downloaded here for $1,99, or you can try out the lite version for free here. Dr.NanoX is an single/multiplayer adventurous 3D Platformer game, where you will guide your player through some of the most “dangerous terrain” imaginable using dual stick controls.

Dec 06

The Human Body is very interesting! But recently its gotten a lot more interesting thanks to Dr.NanoX, a new iOS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad. Dr.NanoX is an adventurous 3D Platformer game in where you control a small 3D avatar with Dual Stick Controls. Dr.NanoX, developed by Mission Critical Studios, has been developed for over a year now, and has finally been submitted to the App Store for review. » Dr. Nano X Submitted To The App Store