Jun 02

Another update dropped by, this time for MyMedia (v0.903). This is an application that allows you to download music and video files to your iphone or ipod touch. The update contains a few new interesting features I would like to specify. First of all the developer added language compatibility. The languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Korean are now added to the standard English option. The second enhancement is that the developer made the download cache list more easy to use. Info button, trashbin option, etc. » MyMedia 0.903

May 12

Swapplugins is another application that let’s you swap a setting.
This swap application gives us the option to download the files we watch or stream.
In standard mode, your safari file will be played into the iPhones native music or video player.
When you press the swapplugin, safari will ask you to download the file locally onto your iPhone so later on you will be able to play it locally from your iPhone.
» Swapplugins 1.04

Apr 24

I already showed you how you can upload and download files to the iPhone via wi-fi connection.
For a recap, click here
Today i have something better, what if you could manage the files via your USB cable??
That would be sweet no ?
Well read on and i’ll show you exactly how….

To get this working, you will need some tools.

» Manage your iPhone files via Usb cable (windows)

Apr 17

See the new post here.

The beta version of WinPwn has finally been released.

for now, you can download it here or here or here.

You might also need the itunes dll’s which you can find here or here.

For now i’ll just inform you guys of the downloads.

Be carefull as this is still beta !!

The option to flash firmware 2.0 is disabled for now, but CMW has assured us that the official release, due later this week, will support the beta.

I’ll try to write a review tonight, but if you need any help, just ping me and i’ll see what i can do on short notice.

update: I decided to postpone the review as the app is still not fully usable, i know most of you are eager to start using the beta-firmware, but the truth is that WinPwn doesn’t support Fw 2.0 for now.

As Soon as CMW releases the full version i’ll write a full review about it.


Apr 05

I have had some question from people, on how to access the files on their iPhone.

If you wan’t to truly mod your iPhone, you will need to know how this works.

For now, i will only post how to do this via Windows.

1) first of all download WinSCP from here.

2) Install the app like you normally do with other apps.

» Howto upload and download files from you iPhone /iPod touch

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