Jun 27

iphone-3gs-digital-compassWe have seen the digital compass as an application itself. There are also videos about the compass being used in Apple’s GPS system via Google Maps. But we’ve never seen it in a game-like application. » Digital Compass Used In An Iphone App

Dec 14

Sidebar is going to be available in Cydia at the end of the year. Basically what it will do is:

  • Show the time in digital format.
  • Show the time in analogue format.
  • Show the full date as: Monday 1. December
  • Show the temperature (weather).

There is going to be 2 versions. One more Vista like and the other more Apple like. Sidebar is being brought to us from the creators of MusicPlayer 8 Colours and SoccerGuide. Screenshot inside.

» Cydia – Sidebar Preview