Apr 30

Today, Apple sent an email to Mac Developers to encouraged them to get ready for Gatekeeper. “Gatekeeper is a new feature in OS X Mountain Lion that helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software. Signing your applications, plug-ins, and installer packages with a Developer ID certificate lets Gatekeeper verify that they are not known malware and have not been tampered with. Mac Developer Program members can sign applications with their Developer ID now to get ready for Gatekeeper“. » Apple Gets Ready For Developer ID & Gatekeeper

Jan 10

iOS 5.1 Beta 3
Apple just released a third beta version of the upcoming iOS 5.1 firmware (Build 9B5141a), which you can download over-the-air update for existing iOS 5.1 beta users or through Apples developer area. This updated Beta includes some bux fixes and also restores the Enable 3G toggle in the Settings app which has been strangely absent on the iPhone 4S since its mid-October release. » Apple Released iOS 5.1 Beta 3: Enable 3G Toggle Is Back

Dec 16

FSM reported that Apple has released a new build 9A406 ( old build is 9A405 ) of iOS 5.0.1 for the iPhone 4S, but Apple did not announed this update. Why? Well it turns out that this new build of iOS 5.0.1 ships unencrypted and wide open for inspection, allowing developers to easily grab all the Siri files they need for a port without piracy. Does this mean Apple want hackers to play more with porting Siri to older devices or is Apple planning to port Siri to older devices, even after Apple said Siri will not be available on iDevices other than the iPhone 4S? » Apple Drops New iOS 5.0.1 For iPhone 4S & Ships Unencrypted With Easy Siri Port

Dec 13

iOS 5.1 Beta 2
Apple just released iOS 5.1 Beta 2 to Devlopers with minor changes. In this update “Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.” » Apple Dropped iOS 5.1 Beta 2 To Developers & iTunes 10.5.2

Dec 12

Over the last three years, app development has come a long way, for better and for worse. Some developers have been there for the whole ride, and have some interesting thoughts to share as a result. In the infographic after the break you can see their thoughts about how to make a successfull app. So if you are planning to create an iPhone app yourself, make sure to check out the infographic after the break before you start. » How To Build A Successful App For iOS [infographic]

Nov 21

9to5mac reported that t. Louis developer @plamoni has figured out how to run a proxy server on his computer to fool Siri into thinking it is talking to Apples servers. A demonstration of a proxy for Siri can be seen above. “It allows me to control my thermostat when I am at home. Does not require a jailbreak or anything, since it is all going on off the device.” » Developer Creates Proxy Server To Control Any Device Via Siri

Nov 11

Thomas Suarez is a 6th grade student at a middle school in the South Bay. Tom been fascinated by computers and technology since before kindergarten. Recently, he has been focused on the development of applications for the iPhone, and has established his own company, CarrotCorp. His most successful ap is one he terms “an anti-Justin-Bieber game” called “Bustin Jieber”. “It is is a variation on the Whac-a-Mole theme,” he explains. So what did you do in 6th Grade?

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