Nov 13

Apple has just released the second beta of iOS 6.1 to developers “build number 10B5105c”. This Beta includes several changes related to how developers can integrate Apple’s new mapping service in their apps and improvements to how boarding passes are handled in Passbook, and a few minor changes to Safari. » Apple Launched Second iOS 6.1 Beta For Developers

Nov 09

MacStories wrote that Apple has confirmed in an email sent to developers that iTunes Connect “the developer portal to manage applications to sell in the App Store” will be closed from December 21 to December 28. During this time, access to iTunes Connect and delivery of any apps or updates will not be available. » Apple To Shut Down iTunes Connect On Holiday December 21-28

Oct 26

The lowest price on the App Store for many of the European countries was once €0.79, but in at least 15 countries it has been bumped up to €0.89 this evening. In the folowing countries you can no longer get Apps from the App Store for just €0.79: Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary and Russia. Apple also raised its commission levels from 30 to 40 percent and in some countries pricing has been changed from USD to their respected currency. » Apple Changed App Store Base Price In European Countries To €0.89

Aug 31

Marco Arment “the developer of Instapaper” spotted two new iPad device codes in his logs that he believes represents the long rumored “iPad mini”. Macrumors explainsThe new identifiers found were “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6”. As Arment notes, the iPad2,1 through iPad 2,3 designations are known to represent the iPad 2’s WiFi, GSM and CDMA models. The iPad2,4 represents a die-shrunk/cheaper version of the iPad 2 that was released alongside the 3rd generation iPad. Finally, the 3rd Generation iPad carries a designation of iPad3,x“. Which means, “iPad2,5” and “iPad2,6” are new device codes and can possible be the “iPad mini”. » Possible ‘iPad Mini’ Spotted In iOS App Developer Logs

Aug 07

Yesterday Apple released iOS 6 Beta 4 with an updated 3D Maps application. Apple has added some new incredible 3D views for new major cities both in the U.S. and abroad including United States: Boston, Atlanta, Portland, Phoenix, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas. Canada: Toronto. Europe: Lyon, France; Birmingham, UK; Manchester, UK. Check out after the break for some photos. » Apple Expands iOS 6 3D Maps Coverage To Cities

Jun 19

Apple has posted videos of many of the WWDC 2012 developer sessions, in total there are currently 113 videos of sessions live on Apple’s developer website. Apple is also including PDF versions of the slide decks. Via [9to5mac]

Jun 11

Apple today announced iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. Again, the latest iOS update will pack many new features, such as Facebook integration, improved Siri functionality and a new app called Passbook. But the kicker of today’s keynote was the Maps application. iOS 6 is available as a developer preview today, but will be fully available this fall. More iOS 6 details after the break.

» Apple Announced iOS 6, Launches This Fall

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