Sep 28

Apple TV jailbreak SHAtter
The Dev-Team announced via twitter that they found a exploit to jailbreak the Apple TV, thanks to the “already famous” SHAtter method. This makes the Apple TV more interesting because this opens even more doors for the iOS/jailbreak developers » Apple TV Jailbreak Exploit Found By Dev-Team

Aug 04

ultrsn0w 1.0-1
A view days ago I told you that the Dev Team is planning to release a unlock for the iPhone 4 within two days after some final tests. Now two days later they released the unlock to the public, its called ultrasn0w 1.0-1. Its made for baseband 01.59.00 which is used for iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.0.1 on the iPhone 4. Ultrasn0w 1.0-1 can also be used to unlock 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04. Thanks to a unlock you can make phone calls with any provider you want.

Jul 13

iphone 4 unlocked
Today MuscleNerd announced via Twitter that planetbeing successfully unlocked the iPhone 4. A view days earlier they already said they have it working as a background process, but today it looks like they made the final steps and created a working unlock for the iPhone 4. Now all we need to do is wait for the unlock to be released, we will keep you updated.

May 01

jailbreakSpirit is a untethered jailbreak method that can jailbreak “not unlock” all iDevices including the iPad. The developers told us that they will release Spirit on the same day Apple will launch the iPad 3G, unfortunately @comex told on his Twitter page they got some delay and will now release the Spirit jailbreak this Friday. » Spirit Jailbreak Launch Delayed!

Oct 02

Finally, finally, finally…it seems that the Pwnage Tool will soon be able to run the 3GS. We have waited for a long time. Apparently the iPhone Dev Team has managed to pwn the iPhone 3GS running firmware 3.1. So we can expect the jailbreak very soon. This is good news.

» Pwnage Tool Able To Run 3GS…Soon

Sep 08


Here’s a warning from the Dev Team about iPhone firmware 3.1. » Warning From iPhone Dev Team About Firmware 3.1

Aug 29

hero-400x200We all know Snow Leopard is available for everybody since Friday. With all the new changes, there could be security changes that prevent people from jailbreaking their iPhone. But, says the Dev Team, don’t worry, the new Mac OS X won’t be a threat to the jailbroken iPhones. It is jailbreak safe, according to the Dev Team.

» Snow Leopard Poses No Threat To Jailbroken iPhones

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