Nov 02

T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted today to clarify that everyone with an iPad on T-Mobile  gets 200MB of free data with no strings attached. Earlier, customers trying to buy iPads on T-Mobile were told they would have to pay a $10 monthly fee to access the “free” data. John Legere told in a tweet that “the $10 per mo./fee written about today is incorrect“. » John Legere Confirms All iPads on T-Mobile Receive 200MB Free Data Each Month

Oct 03

There are a lot of issues with Apple’s new Map app in iOS 6, but there is one advantage, data usage. Apple’s new maps app uses as much as five times less data than Google Maps.

Our data experts performed an identical series of activities on Google Maps and Apple Maps that included searching for several US cities, addresses and airports and zooming in and out to locate specific locations. On Google Maps, the average data loaded from the cellular network for each step was 1.3MB. Apple Maps came in at 271KB – that’s approximately 80% less data! On some actions, such as zooming in to see a particular intersection, Apple Maps’ efficiency advantage edged close to 7X. — Onavo

This is a result of Apple’s use of vector graphics in their Maps app. » Apple Maps Using 80% Less Data Than Google Maps

Sep 12

The 2.1 iPod firmware has a new security feature present. You have the option of making the iPod erase all of it’s data after ten wrong passcodes have been entered. This seems like it would be a great feature, since there are many ways to bypass the security passcode presently and see some personal data such as email, contacts, and text messages, including one that doesn’t even need jailbreaking. » Firmware 2.1 has a data wipe feature after 10 passcode failures