May 20

It’s the day of the updates.
Cusomize 2.0.0b10 got a big bug fix update and the ability to import your Summerboard themes !
If you still have the issue that the app opens and closes. Install the SUID Lib Fix. :)
I won’t go into detail as i have written a extensive review of Customize that you can find here.


May 14

Yesterday i told you guys about intelliscreen 0.7. check out this post for more screens.

It seems the developers are working hard to get this app out of beta as today we already have an update to version 0.8.

There are a ton of new features and fixes.

New features+ Screenshots ! :

– Any region outside us causes change to celcius (good one :) ), no (xxx)xxx)xxxx formatting for phone # and date)
» Intelliscreen 0.8 (updated with screenshots)

May 13

Intelliscreen is a new app developed by Intelliborn.

The app allows you to adjust your slide to unlock screen to host several useful bars.

* View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Sports, and Weather from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen
* Smooth scrolling across each item to quickly glimpse at your data
* Auto-Checks Email when you view the unlock screen – no need to “Refresh” from or wait 15 minutes
* Go directly to the application of your choice with a “Swipe”
* Precise International Weather (by Zip) provided by Weather
* News Feeds include Yahoo!, CNN, Fox News, and Reuters (more coming soon!)
* ESPN Sports Feeds include MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Men’s Football and NCAA Women’s Basketball
» Intelliscreen 0.7

May 06

Customize 2.09b has been released to the general public.
What changed?
-It’s no longer needed to register on the customize site and have an account.
-The repo is no longer customize but it has moved to the STE packaging source.
I can’t detect any visual changes to the app for the moment.
» Customize 2.09b released.

Apr 29

Customize is The app you want on your iPhone, it let’s you change almost everything visual and audible littlle setting you can imagine.

Some of the settings you can change are:

Dock image, Application icons, Application images, Wallpaper, System Sounds, System images, Status bar images, phone sounds, and your in call images.

This is a huge list cause every little section has it subsections.

I’ll show you some of the changes you can make with this superb little app.
» How to fully customize your iPhone/iPod touch with Customize 2.0

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