Jul 31

As we all well know Customize has been released in Cydia. SummerBoard, however, has yet to be released and this is what allows you to put images and video on the iphones springboard background through customize. Click the link to read on and learn how to use the theme browser. » Cydia- Customize

Jul 29

Customize, a lot of people their favorite application to mod your iPhone with all sorts of themes and other graphical goodies, has been ported to firmware 2.0. Yaaay :). Customize is now compatible with Firmware 2.0! There are still a couple of bugs (About page and Comments still not working), but all the good stuff is in there. You can
» Cydia/Installer – Customize available

Jul 19

Many of you may already know about this, but some may not. On TheSpicyChicken’s blog (the developer of Customize), he stated that he has been experimenting with Customize on the 2.0 firmware. Currently, Customize only works on the 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 firmwares. His blog does not state whether he has successfully ported the application to be compatible with 2.0 as of now, but we can hope that when the iPhone DevTeam release the newest jailbreak solution, we shall see Customize available through Installer.
» Customize 2.0 is being tested on 2.0 firmware.

Jun 11

Customize 2.0 got a big update. There are some nice new features but there are also some that you simple better not activate. As a result of trying to get it to work i had to restore 3 times. Every time I found a new bug. I’ll give you a heads up on what all the new features are but i will also warn you what to avoid if you don’t want to restore.
» Customize 2.0Rc1Fix – Totally customize your iPhone but be carefull

May 28

And yes we have another update of Instelliscreen!
It’s on version 0.93 RC5 (i guess we’ll be seeing the final release pretty soon!)
I will show you the full changelog and some pictures.

Version 0.93 Enhancements:
Taskbar icons for missed phone calls, unread email, unread sms
Alerts for missed calls/missed SMS/unread email
Alert types including Vibration, Sound, and Flash
Quiet Time for Alerts
» Intelliscreen 0.93 RC5

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.84.
there’s only Only 1 new feature.

– You can now use the google mobile news reader when you launch news !
» Instelliscreen 0.84

May 20

Intelliscreen received a update to version 0.81.
The app has a some cool new features.
Let me walk you throught the changelog:

– Use multiple email accounts
– Add custom rss feeds to news (iphonefreakz.com rss feed ? :))
– Informs the user when mail auto-check is disabled
– 24h time format
– BBC has been added to the default news feed
» Intelliscreen 0.81 (updated to version 0.82)

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