Apr 03

iCon Skins Builder
Design the coolest backgrounds and home screens yourself. From the creators of Icon Skins – #1 App on appstore in 40 countries worldwide including U.S.A. Now it’s very easy to create coolest home screen: Choose background from app or import yours, Add shelves to selected backgrounds, Add frames to selected background, Add coolest decoration to your frames. It’s ready.. Preview your home screen, save or email it to your friends. » Icon Skins Builder: Create Custom Home Screen Backgrounds

Dec 13

copterWhat kind of game would be one of the most unique games in the App Store. I think the answer comes very soon. Engineous Games is developing a game in which you are not only its player but also its designer. So the game’s graphics are totally up to one’s imagination. If you want to use a Star Trek ship for example, you just draw the ship on a piece of paper and make a picture. The picture will then be used in the game to make it an actual playable vehicle. You can not only design the vehicles and enemies, but also the scenery. It’s all up to you. » Create Your Own Enemies And Landscapes In Upcoming ‘Sketch Nation Shooter’

Oct 02

A new US based startup, Gendai Games announced that they developed an application that will make it easy to create iPhone games. GameSalad as the application is named doesn’t need any programming experience although some pc experience is needed. GameSalad works by drag-and-dropping the elements (images, scripts, actions, and so on) into the GameSalad container.
» Make your own iPhone games with GameSalad