Mar 21

Many reports about the new iPad claim that the iPad gets warmer than the iPad 2. Consumer Reports found their third generation iPad reached temperatures up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit after running Infinity Blade 2 for 45 minutes. The extra heat is caused by the more powerful A5X chip processing the Retina Display of the device, and the battery providing the energy the screen and the processor need. An interesting observation is the fact that the new iPad didn’t even charge while playing Infinity Blade 2. It seems the iPad is unable to provide power for running the game and charging the battery at the same time. Statements from Consumer Reports and Apple after the break.

» The New iPad Gets Warmer Than Previous Generations iPad

Jul 14

Deleted Threads
Yesterday Consumer Reports tested 3 iPhone 4s, and they can’t recommend the iPhone 4 because of the reception problems and death grip. They advice you to buy the iPhone 3GS instead. People started talking about it and where asking questions on the Apple forum but Apple didn’t like the negative advice and decided to delete “at least” 6 topics about the Consumer Reports. Apple doesn’t delete other topics about the reception problems, but if the topic is related to Consumer Reports they will delete it. Because of Apples behaviour people actually started talking about it even more. People also think Apple can’t handle hearing the truth and criticism, and starts ignoring us. Deleting topics actually looks bad for Apple costumer support service. » Apple Deletes Consumer Reports Threads